Car rental (and life) should be simple

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Peace of mind car rental in Scotland

Some time ago My Irish Cousin recognised that for many overseas visitors, renting a car in these islands was not easy and certainly not straightforward. 

Having to navigate CWD, SuperCWD, large deposits on credit cards, exclusions, tyres/glass cover, roadside assistance, underside and roof cover, differing excess and deductibles, makes renting a car a time consuming and stressful, even before arrival on these shores.

Arriving at the airport after a long flight,many people find the deal that looked good on the web is not all it seemed, and at that point they are presented with a variety of options that all incur more charges or a hold on credit cards.

If the cover taken out was not full and comprehensive, 30 – 40 minutes could be spent taking photos and videos to record existing marks on a vehicle on leaving and to in some cases disprove a claim made by a rental agency resulting in a debit charge on a card.

Not the way to start a vacation! Setting up for a mishap or a dispute.

So My Irish Cousin introduced a very simple comprehensive offer which is now on offer from your Scottish Cousin

Competitive price

We know that when compared on a “like for like” basis our fully inclusive offering is very competitive.

The fact that we have everything included and covered in our price means we (unlike competitors) are not coming along with additional charges or extras when you get to the desk.

What we offer and what you accept is the fixed and final price.
No surprises.

Once you book with us your rental worries are over and you enjoy your driving with peace of mind.

no deposit

no credit card hold



full roadside


fully inclusive

covered insurance

no excess

no deductible